King Jeffrey is the ruling monarch of Castle __________ . Originally a nobleman from Wickeeford, Jeffrey relocated to the edge of the Grand Chasm, built a castle, and has been doling out decrees ever since.

Jeffrey is often viewed as a tyrant by his people, thanks to his love of passing idiotic decrees. He is capricious, egotistical and childish, demanding much and giving very little back. He's also murderous, though more because he seldom witnesses the extent of his atrocities. Jeffrey's fluctuating nature has led to countless name changes for Castle __________, sometimes daily.

Despite his detestable attributes, Jeffrey has demonstrated a genuine love for his family. He longs for Queen Daena's presence, going so far as to commission a life-sized doll of her to accompany him to bed, and he regularly organizes dance recitals for Princess Celine . He also dotes on Prince Logan, though the two loath each other on a superficial level.

As king of a realm, Jeffrey is held under the direct sway of the player of T.O.E. Consequently, he isn’t to blame for many of his actions - though his subjects don't know that.